Bernie Sanders is a Serious Threat to America

February/26/2020 9:30AM
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He’s no longer that crazy Socialist from Vermont. He’s looking like the Democrat nominee for President of the United States. Here’s real proof.

Chris Matthews may face firing over a comment he made about Bernie. He said Bernie’s the biggest threat since the Nazi invasion of France.

Bernie was on 60 Minutes where he added yet another freebie to his long list. Free day care. When asked how he would pay for that, he once again said taxing billionaires. The 550 US billionaires together are worth $2.5 trillion.  That is their net worth, not annual income. Is Bernie taxing annual income or confiscating assets? Bernie is not a Socialist he is a Communist. Castro confiscated assets. All of them. If Bernie took all the assets of the billionaires it would run the federal government for 8 months. Today’s government, not Bernie’s with all of his free stuff-Medicare for all, free college, heath care for illegals, open borders bringing more illegals in with Coronavirus spreading the disease and seeking medical aid. When Castro took over Cuba the very lucky got out just before with all their assets. The less lucky got out with a suitcase and no assets. And the least lucky never got out.

Want to drive the car you have now for the rest of your life and the lives of you kids? That’s what Castro and Communism did to Cuba.

Bernie says he’s just promoting European Socialism not Cuba, Venezuelan or Russian Communism. This from the man who spent his honeymoon in the USSR and touted Chavez and Venezuela before the fall. Karl Marx said there is no difference between Socialism and Communism.

bernie's truck

It’s time to take Bernie seriously as a threat to this country.

bernie the communist

And, consider this:

warren and bernie

Let me sum this up with this thought. You like Medicare for all? Go right now to your local Social Security office. Walk in the door and find no seats and a surly greeter will give you a number. you will wait 3 hours to talk to another surly person who will not do what you went to get done. Note the average age there is in the 30’s. They are not there for retirement issues they are all there for disability issues. This is you new doctor’s office under Bernie.

The media and the Democrat Party are in a panic. They created this monster and they no longer control him. Be careful what you wish for.

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