There Will be no War With Iran

January/08/2020 10:15AM
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While every news outlet spent the entire evening last night basting the news about the missiles Iran was firing into bases there where US military are based there was a key tweet from an Iranian Foreign Minister saying this: “Iran does not “seek escalation or war” .

No Americans were killed or injured by the token missile exercise. This morning President Trump will address the nation. He will fulfill his campaign promises about the Middle East. Let’s get the hell out of there. Iran news is just like the news here, telling the sheep that the missiles killed thousands of US troops. Trump wins again. He took out the architect of evil in Iran. The Iranian leaders know Trump could have taken out the three oil refineries that supply all the petroleum products for Iran last night and didn’t. Had he done that it would have been game over.

We Americans learned a lot in the past week. During WWII there was a saying “politics stop at the shore.”  This means when the Commander-in-Chief is engaged in actions to defend the American public comments by politicians are off-limits. This week we learned the media in this country believes it is more important to support Iran than America. We learned that when Robert Gates , former Secretary of Defense wrote in his book ” that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” he was wrong again on this one. So wrong he said in a speech criticizing Trump taking out Soleimani that” Iran’s Parliament voted to eject all Americans and coalition forces from the country.” No, Joe, it was Iraq. Almost to a person, every Democrat candidate criticized the killing of Soleimani. Almost to a person they had us in a major war with Iran. And, the usual Republicans led by Rand Paul. You can understand why his next door neighbor beat the hell out of him a couple of years ago.

Here’s my prediction. I’m writing this ahead of Trump’s message to us this morning. This is over. We assured Iran and the world, you kill an American and there will be some retaliation. General Soleimani was planning action against this country and he was stopped. This President is different from Obama and his red line in the sand. But, behind the scenes President Trump is getting the message to Israel and the Saudi’s that you are now responsible for keeping your neighbors in line, unlike Rand Paul.

He realizes that the trillion Bush spent saving Iraq from Saddam was money wasted when they attempted to throw up out this week. He realizes that the 500,000 troops who died in the Iran/Iraq war that accomplished nothing for either side is simply the way the people in this part of the world have warred for eternity and no one will stop that and there will never be Democracy there.

So, it’s keep the lid on the pot, every now and then slap them down if they do something to deserve that and keep Iran from nuclear weapons without sending billions in your tax dollars there for no reason. Keep the sanctions on until the people rise up and change their own government like the Arab Spring that Obama and Hillary did not support.

That’s it folks. The wreck is cleaned up no need to keep gawking and get on with your lives while Mitch votes the impeachment bogus and the lame Democrat candidates can go back to criticizing each other’s proposed foreign policies.

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  1. Patricia Smith says:

    Your right on Bill. Excellent column.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Nancy Pelosi was monitoring the missiles last night at a gala where she is sponsored by Johnny Walker scotch:

  3. Dick Kachur says:

    The taking out of the Iranian Terrorist rang loudly in the ears of the North Korean leader.

  4. Alvah withey says:

    BOMBS supplied by the Obama regime,with the pallets of AMERICAs money sent in the middle of the night to support a bad ACTOR

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