Obama Did the New Green Energy Program

January/23/2020 13:38PM
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barack at solyndra

Estimates are not available to tell how much his $100 billion in giveaways to wind and solar plus electric cars and weatherizing homes lost but it’s well north of  the $2 billion total in 2015.  The Wall Street Journal printed another example this week. Crescent Dunes got  $737 million taxpayer dollars and never generated one megawatt.

Solyndra received $530 million in taxpayer handouts and produced nothing. It was touted by Obama and Joe Biden as the next big thing in green energy. There was the $500 million lost on Fisker Automotive. Then $5 billion to weatherizinge houses. The DOE contractors did poor work and even damaged houses and produced heath hazards to residents. Another $500 million to train 124,893 green workers. In 2012 the Labor Department found they trained 52,762 (42% of the target) and 8,035 got jobs.

After $100 billion spent statistics show in 2016 1% of American energy was coming from solar. Less than 2% of cars on the road are electric.

Meanwhile the oil industry without one dime from the Federal Government developed fracking and made this country a net exporter of energy and able to ignore the Middle East energy shortage treats. Billions were given back to the public in low energy cost savings.

So the government gets in the energy business and they made bad choices for loans, had graft and corruption, and virtually no results.

Democrats like AOC, want to run the energy business in the this country. Vote Democrat and this is what you get.

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