Democrat Party Impeachment Begins

January/16/2020 9:17AM
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impeaching pants

This man has a nice blue serge suit he paid $500 for. It’s his impeachin’ suit. Impressive.

There’s a reason why it’s serge and he calls it his impeachin’ suit.

He can wear it every day the impeachment trial of President Trump lasts. You see, every day he urinates in that suit. It gives him a nice warm feeling for a brief minute.

But, every day during the trial and at the end of the trial he has noting to show for all that urination since no one even noticed.

When the trial is over he has to throw the suit away. He can’t get rid of the stink.

For the rest of his miserable life the stink of all that will never wash off.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Great blog and so true

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