Democrats Try to Pull Back From the Impeachment Cliff

December/21/2019 12:28PM
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The polls are scaring the Bejesus out of the Democrats. There will be very few town hall meeting while the Congressional Democrats are home for Christmas break. Nancy Pelosi is like the coyote chasing Trump ,the roadrunner, and it never seems to work out for her. In 2009 she pushed ObamaCare through and the democrats lost the House in 2010.

Her delay in sending the Impeachment Bill to the Senate is like a person being indicted but no trial. The person impeached gets dragged through the mud but can never defend the charges.  At some point McConnell can call a vote to have the charges in the impeachment dismissed and it’s over.

All the urgency is suddenly gone. The cliff  is there and the Democrats are teetering and Trump is behind them laughing as they just handed him the 2020 election as they go off the cliff.

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