December 18,2019 at Date that Will Live in Democratic Party Infamy

December/18/2019 7:15AM
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This date will always be known in history as the day the Democratic Party voted to impeach the most successful President in my lifetime. For no other reason than his success.

The Senate will reject the impeachment and the President will be elected to a second term in November of 2020.

The Democrat Party will suffer irreparable damage for this action.

The Democrat Party thought it was one election from turning this country into California. A state where the party has total control and is showing the rest  of the country how to do that. If only Hillary had won, the Democrats would have locked up the country forever. It was a sure thing. The polls insured a landslide for Clinton. Trump foiled everything. It was unacceptable. The desperate Democrats refused to accept the defeat. With 100% assistance from the biased left-wing media, the plan to unseat the usurper was rolled out.  Russian collusion. Mueller investigated it and gave a hapless rendition of nothing. Now it’s the Ukraine, where every US politician except Trump, headed to like the gold rush in the west in the 1840’s. Corrupt Ukrainian politicians were handing out cash for favors and politicians like Biden jumped on the stagecoach. Pelosi’s kid, Kerry’s kid, Romney’s kid, and, of course, Hunter Biden. A life-long loser who can’t stuff enough cocaine up his snout, gets lap dances daily, impregnated an exotic dancer, got kicked out of a DC strip club and the navy for drug use. But, the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for a phone call to the new Ukrainian President who replaced the one who ran off to Russia with an estimated $50 billion. That probably included the billion Biden threatened to withhold if the prosecutor wasn’t fired. The one looking into Hunter’s board position on a Ukrainian gas company paying him millions for nothing.

Recent polls show the American public is having none of this. See, that group you see in the coffee shop every morning talking politics, doesn’t pay much attention to the media. They like the economy, the growth in the 401k’s , the kids and grandkids getting good jobs, the wall being built at the border now, funded by Democrats in the new spending bill, the way cops are being treated ,the finding for the military, the absence of ISIS, and all the good things Trump is doing. They notice the middle class leaving California and don’t want to be California. Lot’s of Independents sit at those tables and they don’t embrace Bernie and Liz.

This country has been through a lot. The Republic has survived world wars, civil wars, a depression, the threat of Communism and lot’s worse and we will survive this. The Brits sent the Democrats a message last week. The Socialist Party has the least representation in Parliament since 1917. The Democrat Party here listened to AOC and not their supporters. Lot’s of Republicans don’t like Trump’s style, me included, but compare that to Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff and he looks pretty good.  Trump and the Republicans should thank those people for handling the next election to them on a silver platter.

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  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    It bother me that 31%of Americans have a positive attitude towards socialism.
    This bothers me greatly.
    The reason we are such an innovative country is because of Capitalism.

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