Yavonovitch Hearing

November/16/2019 8:50AM
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Ambassadors serve “at the pleasure of the President”, meaning they can be dismissed at any time. Appointments change regularly for various reasons, such as reassignment or retirement.


Obama fired all the Bush ambassadors upon taking office. But, let’s deal in fact. Yovanovitch is still an employee on your tax dollar payroll. She is a diplomat in residence at the Institute for the study of Diplomacy at Georgetown University. Making the $200,000 a year she was making. Probably teaching one class. Keeping her pension. And, this is conjecture , but she may have the car and housing allowance she had in the Ukraine.

The Attorney General, William Barr said in a speech, this process is tantamount to having a foreign government attacking the executive branch of the US. In other words, anarchy.

It seemed like a Human Resources hearing where a disgruntled employee was stating her case for getting her old job back with limited opportunity for the management to point our the reasons why she was transferred.

Google Yavonovitch and see what you get. I stopped at 20 pages and still failed to find a story that wasn’t pro Yavanovitch.

The Democrats and the media with 99% anti-Trump coverage are thumping their chests in victory. But, Trump’s approval ratings are going up, the cash is flowing into the Republican campaign war chests, and the Dow went up 222 points while this Shitt Show was airing.

My key takeaway was this. Ms. Yavanovitch testified that the former President of the Ukraine and his cronies made off with $40 billion on her watch. The United States was still sending billions in aid to be transferred to the corrupt accounts of those politicians. I wouldn’t transfer her for this, I would fire her.  She also watched as Hunter Biden pulled a few million out. She is on record voting for Al Gore for President so this should be no surprise.

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