The Elizabeth Warren World

October/30/2019 9:10AM
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Job one: Get a major tax increase across the board. Put back the estate tax, raise corporate taxes to historic highs, tax capital gains to a point where it’s not attractive to invest in corporate America,, drive corporations and jobs back offshore, and reverse the low unemployment created by doing the opposite.

Job Two: Virtually destroy Wall Street the place where capital is raised to create and grow business and create jobs. Jobs are to be created by government,  not the private sector. Successful enterprises like the USPS, Amtrak, and the DMV.

Job Three: Free college for all. College administrators have parlayed Obama’s student loans into a license to spend without limit and drive tuition far past inflation levels. See, they, like Warren, who was a teacher and a professor, never lived in the real world of budgets and accountability. The cost of their waste just gets passed on to the students. With free college it’s worse. Tuition costs now at $30K a year will go to $60 K and won’t be in the form of a loan to be paid but just a bill to the taxpayer. Lazy kids will be in college when they are forty .

Job Four: Medicare for all. Basically, you will have the VA health care system for all.

Job Five: Make everything legal. She now includes the sex trade. So, Junior, still in college at 40 can order a hooker, have her bring some weed, bet the pro games for the weekend, and skip classes for the day. She will tax the call girls and subsidize the street walkers.

Job Six: Open borders and liberal immigration laws for Muslim countries. No jobs for any but more votes for Democrats. :Millions living on the streets.

Job Seven: Gun control. As the country turns into Venezuela the government needs to gather up all the guns like they did in Venezuela. They now have the highest murder rate in the world. By now the immigration problems will be fixed as citizens will be fleeing to Canada.

Job Eight: Keep only enough military to control the people not defend the country.

Job Nine: Nationalize everything, including local police departments.

Job Ten: Drive energy prices through the roof by regulating everything except solar and wind.

I could go on but you get the gist. We once had an economics professor as a president of our country club. He damned near bankrupted the club. She is no less qualified than he, and is just as reckless and clueless.

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