Democrat’s Impeachment Basis for Idiots

October/04/2019 6:01AM
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Here it is in simple terms:

Trump hears from a credible source that Hunter Biden shoplifted a $6 million ring from Tiffany’s and that Joe Biden called the CEO of Tiffany’s and threatened to have the IRS audit the company if they don’t drop the charges.

Joe brags on TV that he got the prosecutor fired who filed the charges and Obama backed him.

Trump calls the CEO of Tiffany’s to see if this is true.

Trump is impeached.

The Democrat Party sees it is on the verge of having 100% control of this nation. They have that in California and NY state, the northeast and the northwest. They did not earn this by normal means. It isn’t because things are so good in these states. To the contrary they are bad. Both California and NY state have serious economic problems and both have populations losses. They have high taxes, high energy costs, crime problems, bad schools, terrible roads, and expensive housing. This is the cost of Socialism. The money goes to getting the votes. And, keeping the votes.

Trump pushes for tangible results. The kind that made this the greatest nation in the history of the world. Little things like jobs, a solid economy, good wages, a strong military, ample domestic energy, good schools, and the end of corruption in Washington DC.

The greatest threat to a man is an independent woman. One who has zero need for that man other than the strength of the relationship. The greatest threat to everyone in Washington DC from that freshman Republican Congressman to the 20 year bureaucrat to the millionaire lobbyist is a President who is a billionaire and needs nothing from any of them and represents the people and not any of them.

So, from day one Trump needed to go. Paul Ryan, the choirboy wonk is not a choirboy but just another sleazy politician who was there for his own self-interest. Same with McCain, caught once, Flake, Romney and the rest. That’s why we have the impeachment. It’s all political and it’s a big deal. A big deal for you, your family and future generations of Americans.

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