Caught: ABC News Creates Fake News About Turkey Bombing Kurds

October/15/2019 7:53AM
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How bad can fake news get and what are the consequences?

Almost every day ABC News runs a fake news story about climate change.

Is an apology enough? Not in my mind. Here’s my punishment. One year suspension of any news on the ABC Network. And the immediate resignation of this guy, the president.


It’s wrong to stereotype, but if I gave you a $100 bill and you had to wager that $100 on the political party Mr. James Goldston supports, just based on appearance, what party would you bet?

My prescribed punishment would be the best thing that could happen to ABC and the media in general. Ask Brian Williams if that would be a fair punishment for lying? No one should watch ABC News now knowing they produce fake news. A one-year suspension for ABC, and I’m talking local news as well, might stop other networks from dong exactly this. My previous blog entry showed that 61% of the public distrust and detest all media so it might actually help fix that problem for them.

An apology doesn’t cut it Mr. Goldston, sorry.

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