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October/19/2019 7:37AM
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The economy is doing great. The crisis at the border is fixed. The Mexican army is covering the south and the wall is being built on our south. We have record unemployment and salaries are rising but without inflation. We are bring troops home from wars than we never should have fought. Gas prices are low(except California, but the headline says America.).  Things are going pretty well, except:

Congress is a joke

The media is a joke-fake footage of war in Syria the most recent proof.

Russian involvement is a joke

Impeachment is a joke

The obsession that we need to go to war with Turkey because we owe that to the Kurds is not a joke. We don’t owe the Kurds the lives of our young people and the money we need to rebuild our infrastructure

The cry that Europe  is upset that we aren’t going to war with Turkey is a joke. Send France.

The Hunter Biden pay to play in two countries is a joke. Not that he did it but the denials.

Nancy Pelosi is a third rate politician, no joke. Mitt Romney is a joke. Hillary Clinton is crazy-no joke.

Let’s sort all of this out. The things that are going well we can mostly attribute to President Trump. Those we brand a joke we can lay at the feet of the Progressive Democrats. So, the term progressive is a joke.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ronald Gonshorowski says:

    I have been hearing for a month or so that the Clinton’s have a fundraiser scheduled for the end of this month. Is Hillary waiting until after this or will she announce at that time that she is running again.
    Since no sane person would accept the socialist mantra of the current crop I can see only one running and that is Tulsi Gabbard and that is also a poor choice because of the way she grew up as an acolyte of a guru. Was her father a naturalized citizen since he is from America Samoa and they are not citizens there. That is why they don’t vote in General Elections.
    She also supported Bernie Sanders last time around.

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