What’s at Stake With Impeachment?

September/28/2019 9:12AM
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Trump is all that stands between our current economic prosperity and becoming California forever. The Democrats and the media have converted much of the nation to a one-party system forever. California/New York-the northwest and the northeast. If they dispel or damage Trump sufficiently we are a Socialist nation with a one-party system. That’s the game.

When the media sold us a community organizer for our president who had one talent reading a teleprompter with words written by Valerie and a Reverend Wright cadence they knew they had control. He hid his anti-American agenda until elected but took it abroad immediately. Like all Socialist platforms Obama’s was a corrupt administration.

When it was discovered the Ukraine was a corrupt nation Biden was dispatched there to cut some deals. He cut a nice one for his family and who knows what he cut for others in DC? Then he trucked over to China and cut a better one. Meanwhile Hillary added a cool $100 million to the family slush fund by selling 20% of our uranium to the Russians. John Kerry engineered the planeload of cash to Iran. Or, somewhere.

The fact that the Democrats will try to impeach a President on a phone call to investigate what Biden was really doing in the Ukraine with a new Ukrainian President who was elected to stamp out corruption there speaks volumes. The media are cranked up full tilt boogie 24/7 selling this lemon to the public.

You and I had better get serious about making lemonade from their lemons because the future for us, our kids, and grandkids is at risk. This is the epitome of evil  The second selling of Obama. Forever.

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