Trump Traps the Media, the Democrats and Destroys Biden

September/20/2019 18:22PM
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They fell for it hook line and sinker. A purported whistle-blower says Trump asked the Ukrainian President no less than eight times to look into Biden’s son’s activities with a Ukrainian bank for illegal activities.

Hunter Biden is a cocaine addict who was booted out of the navy OCS program his dad wrangled him into for cocaine use. He took up with his late brother’s wife and then dumped her. He was being paid $50,000 a month by the Ukrainian bank for “consulting”.  Joe, by his admission made 12 trips to the Ukraine in the period in question. Also, he bragged he forced the firing of the prosecutor looking into Hunter’s actions by withholding a billion dollars in foreign aid.

The media and the Democrats went crazy sensing another Russian hoax they can work on for another 3 years.

Here’s my prediction. Trump will release the transcripts of his conversation with the Ukraine President. Noting illegal happened. There was no quid pro quo. Now the Ukrainian President will look into the Hunter Biden situation with the Ukrainian bank and it won’t be pretty. Joe will be forced to drop out of the race.

But, Joe Biden committed a pay for play scheme with his deadbeat son who received $3,000,ooo for doing nothing except be Joe’s son while Joe was getting the government a one billion dollar loan guarantee from our government. And in this video he says call Obama if you think I can’t withhold the loan if you don’t fire the prosecutor investing my son.


Well played, Mr. President.

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