Trump Impeachment

September/26/2019 7:41AM
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The tale of two speeches. Speaker Pelosi announced an “impeachment inquiry” the night before the transcript about the telephone conversation between the President of the USA and the newly elected President of the Ukraine was made public. Reminded me of another Pelosi news conference where she spoke about the Obama care bill when she said ” we have to pass the bill before you can read it away from the fog”.

It also reminded me of another Pelosi news conference: 1998:

The die is cast. Within 24 hours of her announcement the RNC got $5 million in donations. This is not the total story because many people like me did not make a donation to the RNC but made one directly to the Trump campaign. See, the RNC includes Republicans like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse RINO’s who detest Trump and have big political ambitions that will never be fulfilled.

The networks had to cover Trump’s news conference. He outlined egregious deeds by Democrats with the Ukraine far worse than his telephone conversation. I happened to be watching that on ABC since it preempted Jeopardy. That network cut it short and this weasel came on and promptly called the US President a liar.


George donated $75,000 to Hillary’s campaign and still carries her picture in his wallet. So ABC gave us their very best to comment on the President’s news conference.

We don’t know how this will play out. It didn’t go well for the Republicans with Clinton. He was reelected and the republicans lost the House and Newt lost his job.

One thing we do know. The Democrat Party and Nancy Pelosi have lost their power to this group.


And, this Congress will end the Trump term with zero accomplishments except to investigate a duly elected President.

And, the media will throw billions of free support to elect whomever runs against Trump.

And, that won’t be Biden after this.

It will be up to the American people to decide whether getting real work done and truly making America great again is more important to them than listening to a corrupt media pursuing the likes of AOC and Socialism and politicians offering a pot of gold at the end of the Venezuelan rainbow rates more when it’s time to vote.


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