Real Russian Corruption

September/22/2019 9:09AM
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Just hold one thought. The person described(above) was named to the board of directors of a Ukrainian  natural gas company for $50,000 a month. a prosecutor in the Ukraine was investigation that company and the VP of the United States brags that he got the prosecutor fired by threatening to withdraw the billion dollar loan guarantee from the USA.  The prosecutor was fired and the deal done.

Now, just hold one more thought. Wealthy Russians woke up one day and decided the Clinton Foundation was their favorite charity to the tune of $100 million. At the time 20% of the US uranium held in a company called Uranium One was sold to those same Russians.

The primary job of the journalists in this country is to expose wrongdoing. Not to select which wrongs to expose based on political preference but any and all wrongdoing.

Since Joe Biden announced he was running for President he has prayed each and every day to his God (the God of climate change) that the term Ukraine would never be uttered until the election was over. Joe took a page from the Clinton PAY FOR PLAY PLAYBOOK and ran with the let’s help Hunter again idea. The only asset Biden has is that we think he’s a nice guy. Nice guys don’t do illegal acts.

The downside of justice here is Elizabeth Warren gets the nomination.

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