End of Summer Political Highlights for Older Politicians

September/01/2019 8:09AM
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Joe Biden does tap dancing and a magic show at a local assisted living facility in Iowa. Despite reports of gaffes and lapses of memory, Joe’s still got it. Jill checked about availability in case Joe drops out of the race.

Not to be outdone, we see Hillary on vacation. Hillary on vacation Thank you Electoral College, thank you Comey, thank you Russia, thank you each and every one of the 63 million o f us who voted for Trump and saved this nation from this. Those kankles are still growing. Where is Bill? Not to be outdone, Bernie made a big announcement on the campaign trail.  First, he will cancel $83 billion in medical debt for all citizens. No explanation as to how he will pay for this. Like free college and free health insurance for all. But, here’s his big announcement. Free ice cream and beer for all in Bernieland. Many pundits think this will sew it up for Bernie.


So, now we know why corporate America has mandatory retirement plans.

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