Politics and Mass Shootings

August/06/2019 7:13AM
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Sadly, it’s happened again. Three mass shootings taking far too many innocent lives and leaving dozens others wounded and in pain.

Immediately two institutions swing into action. The politicians and the media. The first telling us they have the answers for a problem with no solutions. Pandering for votes on the misery these acts bring. The second using the hapless politicians to sell the mutual endorsement of the “climate change” solution, gun control. See, like climate change, it takes years to confirm the validity of gun control. Al Gore promised the polar ice cap melt would put most of Canada under water by now. AOC and her new Green Deal gives us 12 years and the planet and everyone still alive will die. Some say this adds to the depression of young people today and contributes to mass shootings. In both cases the risk is by accepting either claim we elect another 200-300 incompetents for all the wrong reasons.

This simplistic solution could lead to Venezuela where all gun were collected door to door in 2012. Now cops are shot by criminals and citizens are shot by both and the solution is fleeing to other countries. Kamala Harris says that’s her plan for this country, sending troops door to door to take the guns.

The amazing thing about all of this is the blatant hypocrisy. This is really mind control and deflection. If we pose this solution often enough and there is no solution to this issue the voters will grasp this and feel good that something is being done. The deflection is the blame game. Point elsewhere and send the voters to blame the one you point toward. Since all three of the most recent shooters are Democrats its white supremacy and President Trump. Trump’s rhetoric is presumed to create the former. He’s a racist and that is the presumed root cause of the problem.

Here’s the epitome of the hypocrisy. The epitome of a hypocrite. Lori Lightfoot, new mayor of Chicago criticizes Trump over mass shootings while 69 were shot over the weekend in her city bringing the total to 1,600 shootings in Chicago this year. She held a news conference and discussed the three mass shootings and blamed Trump as a racist. Chicago has the strictest gun law in major cities. If any politician should be hunkered down and hiding from this problem it should be the mayor of Chicago. This is called deflection and is wrong is so many levels. Sorry, Ms. Lightfoot, if anyone knows gun violence is a complex problem greater than gun control, it’s you.

lori lightfoot



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