Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton

August/11/2019 12:59PM
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Jeffery Epstein was presumed to have committed suicide.

Jeffery Epstein may well have been in a spot where he had to take down a lot of powerful people in politics and celebrities and well-known people. He tried to commit suicide once in custody and was moved to a maximum security ward in a Federal prison with a suicide watch. A warden and a prison psychiatrist took him off suicide watch.

Conspiracy theories point to Bill Clinton who has denied taking over 20 trips on the Lolita Express as the Epstein jet was labeled.

Now we all would like to believe old Bill but not me. I remember this like it was yesterday. Bill has a couple of major flaws. He is a sex addict, likes young women and is a first class liar when cornered.

Is he off the hook like the Epstein suicide? Probably.


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