Democrats and Media Scream Recession

August/20/2019 7:00AM
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It’s the newest attempt to derail Trump’s reelection.

We had Russian involvement in the election for two years. Mueller handled that.

We had racism by Elijah Cummings. The missing $15 billion handled that.

We had white supremacy. Common sense handled that.

We had white nationalism. People felt it was patriotism and most of us have that.

Now it’s recession.

Some Democrat read his or her history book. They realized that Bill Clinton pulled that rabbit out of his hat to defeat George H W Bush. It’s the economy stupid when the economy was fine and no recession happened but Bush who had the election sewed up lost.

The media hasn’t whispered one thing about the economy for two years but now it’s the opening new item every day starting last week. They dredge  up some liberal economist-there are few who aren’t far left, and get bogus statistics about the pending recession. It always leads back to the tariff wars since there is no other option. They find a pissed off farmer in Iowa who has voted Democrat for 50 years and he says he’s going broke because of the tariffs. He’s been saying that for 50 years and that’s why we have all the farm support programs.

The 24 dolts the Democrat Party are running all chime in and read something an aide who just graduated with a degree from Smith College in fine arts wrote about the recession. Bernie and Liz all talk about how free stuff will save the economy like free college, free health care for illegals and forgiving $1.3 trillion in student loans will save the day.

It won’t work this time for three reasons. First, the American people don’t believe the media and aren’t listening to anything they say anymore. Second, there is no Bill Clinton on the Democrat ticket, and last, but not least, Donald Trump is no George H W Bush.

When the polls show this, like all the others(above) aren’t moving the needle they will move on the some other shiny object.

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