Mueller Investigation: Dershowitz: “If You Don’t Indict, Shut Up”

July/25/2019 6:42AM
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The media across this country took one sound bite from the 6 hour train wreck the Democrats produced, “Mueller did not exonerate.” Translation: If you are changed with a crime and not found guilty of that crime, you are not exonerated. True in a Communist country, but not in any example of justice in this country until now.

This senile, evil, doddering old man, Mueller, probably couldn’t identify which drawer his boxer shorts were in. You know more about the Mueller report than Mueller knows. Thanks to the Democrats, Bob Mueller will forever be know as a fool who took on a big assignment and watched as the 18 white shoe lawyers working 4 hours, and billing 14 at $750 an hour, drove the cab around the block with the meter running. Their mission from the get go, indict Trump for high crimes. There were 18 hammers looking for a nail to drive. To a person they contributed to the Clinton campaign. Who wrote that report? Probable a group of college interns.

When they found no nails, and the Democrat coup failed to unseat an elected President, they wrote an opinion for Mueller. That opinion was ” we don’t like some things you did and how you behave so we will say you might have done a crime, we can’t find a crime, but you aren’t off the hook because there might have been a crime.”

This is banana republic stuff from the get-go. An election goes against the Democrat Party. They use illegal activities to conger up a bogus claim that the Russians gave the election to Trump. There was never a there, there. But, the Attorney General of the US, Bill Barr, is investigating the activities that initiated the Russian investigation. There will be indictments here and people at high levels of government will go to prison.

Meanwhile the media will try to spin wheat into gold.


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  1. Al Withey says:

    Well said , one of the Republican made a statement , that Mullers ladder was missing a few rungs at the top, President Trump said it best they are CLOWNS with the whole world watching!!

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