Maxine Waters Blames Trump for Homeless Problem

July/09/2019 6:26AM
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maxie “Homeless families sleeping on the streets; children sleeping in cars, trying to go to school ea. day; and seniors, 70 & 80 yrs old eating out of trash cans. Yes Trump, this is a disgrace. It’s shameful for the most prosperous country in the world to tolerate this! ” Maxine Waters

My Response:

Describing your district. Trump’s fault? He doesn’t campaign in CA. You Democrats own that shithole.

Don’t you love how the members of the Democrat Party create a problem then call the media in and collectively blame others for their problems?

The best example is the border crisis. They make it attractive to have illegals come here. They come in droves knowing they can get more than the citizens in this country can get in government aid in states like Maxine’s California. They refuse to fund the needs at the border. Then they point fingers at President Trump and contend it’s his problem. They declare California a sanctuary state and then whine like this when the illegals they imported and protect live on the streets. Then ask for more money to support their problem.

illegal alien cost

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