Trump Kicks off Reelection Campaign

June/19/2019 6:43AM
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A packed audience with thousands outside is all you need to know about the Trump campaign. The crowd yells CNN sucks and the CNN coverage cuts away. The crowd and the country know that CNN and the rest of the media are all in for any candidate the Democrats dredge up to run against Trump. Their bogus polls say it all.  AOC would beat Trump by 10 points.

Mexico is stopping the inflow from the southern border and taking those waiting for hearings on their side of the border. The bad neighbor from the south has  stopped letting their dog crap in our yard. The Democrats and the media still beat the family separation drum but no one listens.

Trump will get a deal with China. Everyone in this country with a brain knows China has been ripping us off for years. Stealing our intellectual property and dumping tier cheap labor production here. Trump is taking action but the Democrats, the media, and many useless Republicans in Congress say we can’t take the pain. No pain no gain.

Iran is acting up again and the Europeans who keep the nuclear treaty Trump broke and embarrassed again.

We are freezing and drowning here in the Midwest and most Democrats are running on climate change.

Venezuela continues to implode and other Democrats are full-out Socialists.

The Fed may not lower interest rates today but they will next meeting. The stock market roars on. People have jobs.

The media will give the ultimate Democrat loser who runs against Trump billions in anti-Trump free support but no one cares what the media says anymore.

Have you noticed the film industry is suffering? People have stopped going to the movies. Gee, when you insult 63 million people who might have bought a ticket this is the result.

The US women’s world cup captain takes a knee for the anthem. Soccer people have been trying to sell soccer to the US for 50 years. Nice move moron.

About the time the campaign really heats up, Barr will start indicting the people who engineered the taping of the Trump campaign headquarters last election.

The last time a second term President routed the Democrat opponent was Reagan vs. Mondale. It’s about to happen again.

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