Liberal Border Logic

June/26/2019 6:38AM
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A father and his daughter drowned yesterday trying to break into my country. It made all the network news coverage. Because of this I’m supposed to agree to let another 20 million illegals walk into my country and be supported by my tax dollars. To do less makes me inhumane.

But, no news was made by the violence illegals perpetrated on my fellow citizens yesterday. Or, the deaths of a few hundred by drugs that crossed that border.

This is unmitigated brainwashing by the media in this country gearing up to support whoever runs against Trump in 2020.

The Democrats to a person speak of their plan for “comprehensive immigration policy”. This is weasel wording meaning we do nothing and keep open borders to make this country into California then Venezuela.  The media are all in on this plan and the Democrat Party can expect billions in campaign support attacking Trump and supporting whichever candidate emerges from the 24 person freak show that will begin this week.

Also, 300 illegal kids at the border were found to be without toothbrushes. A few thousand homeless vets living on the streets of California were suffering the same deprivation. Screw them.

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