Democrat Party Sound Bites

June/13/2019 8:16AM
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The American public has collective ADHD. Our patience to listen to long explanations of solutions to major issues is zero. Think I’m wrong? Look back at Paul Ryan. Congressman Ryan is the man most responsible for the border crisis today but that’ s a story for another day.  He was what we refer to as a policy wonk. Every company needs one every neighborhood needs one. Paul would have been a 3rd level clerk in a corporation. The person executives called into a meeting to see if they had to revise the company manual to approve a new project. When Paul went on the air to explain why the Republican Party had a better solution like their version of ObamaCare ,the audience went right to sleep. The Democrat response “Paul Ryan wants to push Granny off the cliff”, that’s a sound bite.

Let’s examine a few:

Democrat platform to kill full term babies: “women’s rights”

Border problem:” Trump is separating kids from families at the border” “racism” “that’s not who we are as a country” “we have solution and a plan, it’s just not a wall” “a wall is immoral”

Trump’s tariff threat with Mexico: ” bankrupting the farmers in this country”

Trump’s tax reform: ‘Rewarding the 1%” “we need to break up Wall Street”

Our energy independence accomplished solely by  technology developed by the evil oil industry used on private lands: “destroying the planet”  This is the greatest tax break the poor have ever received with cheap gasoline and power. Democrat response “tax it”.

Trump’s economy: “Obama’s economy”

Trump’s success: “impeachment”

Trump’s foreign polity successes: “ISIS is still alive” “Kim Jun Un is still firing missiles” , “Iran stopped their nuclear program, trump started it up again”

Every Democrat running for President has a pocket full of sound bites to feed their supporters.

Last week, Biden rolled out his, ” Let’s make American, American again.” What does that mean? Back to the 2% growth, high unemployment, and falling stock market of the Obama/Biden era?

None of this would work without a supporting advertising agency. All the successful corporate slogans that stick in our heads for years and define our perception of that company or product were developed by advertising agencies and millions were spent drilling them into our heads with advertising dollars where target audiences would see them. Every day almost every media outlet in this country spew the Democrat Party slogans (above) to support their political preference. They distort the offsetting Republican responses and use the most unflattering images they can find.

But, once great companies have gone away taking their great slogans with them. See, sound bites only work so long and if more and more people see the truth they stop working at all.

President Trump gets sound bites. He used two last week. “Biden is low IQ” and “this year 100,000 fellow Americans will die because Democrats want open borders”  They all ran the first, but few ran the second. However, when the big debates start, Trump will blast the Democrat candidate with sound bites and the media can’t refuse to run those. As Mr. T said, pity the fool.

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