Congress Just Investigates Trump

May/08/2019 6:41AM
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So all the current Congress does is investigate the President of the United States. I want to remind you what that is costing us to have 535 people doing nothing productive.


December/11/2017 7:27AM

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A quick look suggests that total legislative branch appropriations for FY14 is about $4.1 billion. This includes House and Senate member and staff salaries and benefits, Capitol Complex maintenance, staff and security (including the U.S. Capitol Police), the Library of Congress, the GAO, the CBO, the Government Printing Office. This comes to $7,476,635 each we taxpayers lay out for every member of Congress. Are they worth that kind of money?

First, let’s look at the work schedule once again.

2017-house-calendar It’s roughly a 33 week work year. Or, they work 8 months a year. But, the overhead is there for 52 weeks while they are not. If this were a business that would be unacceptable. Paying that much for such little productivity would change.

Six of the counties around Washington DC are in the top ten wealthiest in the country. What gets produced there that creates such wealth? Government, that’s all, government.

This from the Boston Globe:


WASHINGTON — The amount of lobbying activity being reported has declined in President Trump’s Washington, but observers say it’s not because he is making good on his promise to “drain the swamp” of special interests.The slow pace of legislation, stiffer rules, and a gradual decline in the number of lobbyists have contributed to the decrease in the first half of 2017.The number of registered lobbyists has dipped to a low point, and special interests, after an initial burst in activity earlier this year, have in the past few months reported less spending than in almost any similar period in the past 10 years.

Overall spending by special-interest groups has not increased over previous years, despite early predictions that there would be a ramp up in activity to mark a new administration.

“It’s surprising,” said Dan Auble, a senior researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics. “Everyone expects when there’s a change in party and agenda — and claims of changing a lot of policies — that it’s a huge opportunity for companies and industries.”

Isn’t it cute how hard all so-called journalists work to avoid giving any credit for anything to Trump.

So, if the number of lobbyists is dropping to just over 18 per legislator. Let’s check the money spent.

Those 9,791 lobbyists spent $2,864,000,000. That comes to $5,535,271 per Congressperson, or almost as much as we taxpayers spend to keep them in office.

Here are the top 50 lobbyists by expenditure: They represent 25% of the total spent in 2016, or $716,000,000.

Top 50 Lobbying Spenders of 2016 

Client2016 Spending2015 Spending2015 Rank
U.S. Chamber of Commerce$103,950,000$84,730,0001
National Association of Realtors$64,821,111$37,788,4072
Blue Cross Blue Shield$25,006,109$23,702,0493
American Hospital Association$20,970,809$20,687,9357
Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America$19,730,000$18,920,0009
American Medical Association$19,410,000$21,930,0004
National Association of Broadcasters$16,438,000$17,400,00010
Business Roundtable$15,700,000$19,250,0008
Southern Co.$13,900,000$12,860,00018
Dow Chemical$13,635,982$10,820,00026
Lockheed Martin$13,615,811$13,954,05317
NCTA – The Internet and Telephone Assoc.$13,420,000$14,120,00016
Northrop Grumman$12,050,000$11,020,00024
Exxon Mobil$11,840,000$11,980,00021
General Dynamics$10,739,944$10,259,89028
Verizon Communications$10,080,000$11,430,00023
Altria Group$10,060,000$9,630,00032
Koch Industries$9,840,000$10,830,00025
American Bankers Association$9,831,000$12,690,00019
Prudential Financial$9,400,000$7,962,50047
Biotechnology Innovation Organization$9,230,000$8,350,00042
United Technologies$9,165,000$11,470,00022
American Chemistry Council$9,020,000$10,050,00030
Royal Dutch Shell$8,990,000$8,700,00037
Edison Electric Institute$8,620,000$8,350,00042
General Motors$8,500,000$9,120,00036
National Association of Manufacturers$8,490,014$16,950,00011
National Amusements (CBS & Viacom)$8,441,000$7,980,00046
American Airlines$7,870,000$6,600,00061
United Parcel Service$7,767,848$8,155,85645
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers$7,452,500$7,640,00053
Securities Industry & Financial Market Assoc.$7,400,000$7,770,00050

Data provided to The Hill by the Center for Responsive Politics,

So, between the special interests and the taxpayers, $13,011,906 is spent for each of 535 Representatives and Senators to work 33 weeks a year.

Answers the question about why the 6 wealthiest counties of 10 are around D.C. but does it answer the question, are they worth it? You tell me.

But, perhaps it explains why Republicans, as well as Democrats, fear Trump and his swamp draining pledge. Plus, it may help understand why everyone who serves in the House and Senate leaves very wealthy.

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    The sad truth we all look the other way. It is our fault to . This is why the swamp has to be drained. Good blog Bill

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