A Gold Star Reason to Detest Government- New Requirement to Board a Domestic Flight 10-1-20

May/01/2019 9:02AM
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Stop right now, dig out your diving license and check to see if you have a gold star in the upper right hand corner. I did and I was sure I had one because I spent 3 hours with my Illinois DMV in December renewing my license. Nope, no gold star on mine.

Beginning 10-1-20 you will not fly on any Domestic flight without that gold star or a valid passport. Nor, enter any Federal facility. Congress passed this law in 2005 calling it the Real ID Act. Illinois General Assembly opposed the law and passed a resolution in 2007 calling on Congress to repeal it. Why, because it’s a stupid law? No, because Illinois was broke and this was going to cost a lot of money to comply. About $3 million a year. Now, Illinois is issuing gold stars effective April 1, 2019.

To get a gold star I must go back to the DMV  with another $30 and prove I am an US citizen and a citizen of Illinois. That will require two documents of proof.

I’m sorry, state of Illinois, you will not see me in the DMV until 1-2-23 when my license expires. The last 3 hour visit was another example of why I detest the state and everything the most corrupt state in the nation touches.

I will use a passport for air travel.

I don’t believe this will prevail on 10-1-20 for one simple reason. This law means no illegal in this country can board a domestic flight. They can vote, get a driver’s license, drive with no insurance, get food stamps, free college, etc. But, not fly?

The Democrats in Congress will go bat shit crazy when their millions of illegal begin yelling discrimination over this law. Want to make a wager? The betting window is open. Plus, most of the 12 states not in compliance are blue states.

By 10-1-19 the state of Illinois will have passed the new progressive income tax plan and I will be a resident of Arizona with a brand new Arizona driving license with a gold star in the upper right hand corner just like those teachers did in elementary school. That, and a well-worn passport I have been using to board planes in this fine country. And, the state of Illinois will not have my $30.

One month later 20 million illegals will vote in the Presidential election with no ID and in Illinois a few dead people will vote. And, a few upstanding taxpayers will have been denied a seat on their plane because they didn’t read this blog.

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  1. Al Withey says:

    Bill you really hit the NAIL on the head the only one that you missed was our new Govener Jelly Belly Pritcher, have you seen the new taxes that he has purposed , it’s endless.

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