Let’s Combine Two Bad Liberal Ideas for a Win/Win- Bullet Train and Open Borders

April/13/2019 10:30AM
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Begin with the Jerry Brown dream of a high-speed bullet train in California. The new governor Gavin Newsom axed it partially. In the new plan will carry passengers between two towns, Merced, population, 100,000 and Bakersfield, population 400,000. The cost is now expected to be $10 billion but could go as high as $100 billion.

california bullet train

bullet train route

The train was originally planned to run from the Mexican border to northern California.

Here’s my suggestion. California is a sanctuary state. Voters in California love the idea of an open border and elect politicians who embrace that concept. Governor Gavin Newsom is on record saying the state will embrace any and all illegals. Give them driving and voting rights. Provide free college educations, food and housing.

So, we just resurrect the original plan for the train and the rest of the country will finance the project. Build the wall on the eastern state line of California and illegals can get on the bullet train at the Mexican border and get off any where they choose in the state of California. While the train is being constructed the Feds will provide bullet busses to do the job.

The rest of the country will have a test lab to watch how these two great ideas work in reality.

My guess, the bullet train will never be completed because environmentalists in California will block every mile and costs will exceed the budget Trump granted by billions. Just as in the original plan. And, as California becomes Mexico and Central America the cartels will take over the government and a max exodus will occur.

Two great liberal ideas come together, open borders and a bullet train resulting in a train wreck for California.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Great idea. Start it today.

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