Democrat Presidential Candidates Amp up the Free Stuff Campaigns

April/25/2019 8:54AM
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From forgiveness of $1.6 trillion in student loans to a $1,000 a month guaranteed income Democrat candidates push the free stuff program to get votes. Karl Rove says Bernie may win based on the demand for a Socialist economy in this country. Karl seems seldom right but never in doubt, but is he right this time?

My judgment, the economy at the time of the election will decide this issue:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its March employment report this morning, estimating that employers added 196,000 nonfarm jobs. The official unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.8%.

The federal bureau revised its January jobs estimate up by 1,000 to 312,000 jobs and revised February’s estimate upwards 13,000 to 33,000, for a total of 14,000 more nonfarm jobs in the first two months of the year than previously reported.

Manufacturing employment recorded a dip of 6,000 jobs, for only the second monthly loss during the Trump presidency.

Overall, comparing President Trump’s first 27 months of key employment data to the last 27 months under President Obama shows a continuation of employment growth, the kind often seen in the mature stages of a business cycle, with 5,860,000 nonfarm jobs added during Obama’s last 27 months compared to 5,373,000 under Trump’s first 27 months.

Private sector employment also compares similarly over the same period, with 5,453,000 jobs added to private sector payrolls in Obama’s last 27 months in office compared to 5,158,000 during a comparable period under Trump.

However, a substantial difference can be seen in the job gains in the manufacturing sector compared to the government employment sector (federal, state and local) under the two administrations, with government at all levels adding 407,000 jobs in Obama’s last 27 months compared to 215,000 jobs since Trump took office. Manufacturing employment was in stark contrast, with manufacturers adding only 129,000 jobs during Obama’s last 27 months compared to 466,000 jobs since Trump took office, implementing a series of deregulatory measures and tax cuts that have encouraged industrial production and investment.

So, Trump is adding manufacturing jobs while Obama added government jobs. No surprise.

Food-Stamps-Added Trump years

Food-Stamps-Yearly Obama years

Here’s the real key. These people will all likely vote for free stuff. And, one might assume every American with a student loan would vote for a person who promises to just write them off. There might be an offset here from those who paid their own college expenses and are very upset that the students borrowed money get a free pass. Just like the legal immigrants resent the illegals getting citizenship.

Obama was setting the country up for full blown Socialism and Hillary would have finished the job. Selling food stamps as a good thing and eliminating blue collar manufacturing jobs and growing government.

This election will decide if Trump has moved the needle far enough to offset the barrage of free stuff the Democrat candidates are pitching. The candidates who are either full-blown Socialists or lying Socialists still in the closet until after the election.


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    I agree. I still think President Trump will get reelceted

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