Pecker Threatens to Publish Bezos’ Pecker Pictures

February/08/2019 9:48AM
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Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. He has turned it into a sleazy version of the National Inquirer. The paper has moved far left and trashes every conservative and advocates for everything Venezuela. Jeff also owns Amazon and most of us who detest what Bezos is and does find ourselves buying from Amazon. President Trump is Bezos favorite target in the Post. Dozens of fake news stories about him daily.


When Jeff became the world’s wealthiest man he suddenly became attractive to women. Lauren Sanchez won the prize and she and Bezos, both married, began an affair. Evidently, like all affairs today they found the need to exchange pictures of private parts. Very mature for people their ages.

The Bezos affair became public when the Enquirer published a Jan. 9 story about his relationship with Lauren Sanchez, a former TV anchor. Bezos then hired a team of private investigators to find out how the tabloid got the texts and photos the two exchanged.

Some days it just starts out perfect. Another far- left freak finds himself in the spotlight he tries to avoid. A man who makes billions through Capitalism but worships Socialism. Like Elon Musk, smoking a bong on YouTube, this will not be good for Amazon.

The irony is perfect. Jeff isn’t happy with Amazon, he needs a hobby. So he buys the Washington Post, which bleeds red ink, to show the world his politics. You just know he is in the face of the publisher with great ideas about who to go after next. He didn’t hire a team of private investigators, they already worked for him at the Post.

The final piece falls into place with Mr. Pecker. Now it all fits perfectly. The pecker pictures published by Pecker.

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    Bill you made this article pretty intertaining , this must be comming from your humorist SIDE!! Keep up with your post!!

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