Jussie Smollett Fiasco

February/20/2019 9:05AM
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What can we learn from this scam?

1. The liberal media bought it hook line and sinker from the very beginning. Journalists are supposed to fact check. No more. If it fits their agenda no verification is required, just run with the story.

2. The liberal politicians did the same. The list of those who went public to blame President Trump for the vicious attack on a gay black man will likely include every Democrat who will be announcing for President. Kamala Harris said ” This was an attempted modern-day lynching, no one should ever have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.” Cory Booker said mostly the same. Everyone in Hollywood followed suit.

3. This is right on the heels of the Covington High School story of fake racial hatred. So none of the above learned one thing from that debacle. Anything that looks like an opportunity to paint Trump and his followers as racist and suggests this country is a hateful nation is news. Fake or not, its news. There is hatred in this nation. It’s hatred by the left of President Trump and the Republican Party and the politics and economics that made this country great.

4. The City of Chicago put two dozen detectives on this story. The city that has the worst murder record in the nation found it appropriate to allocate that many resources to this purported crime. I felt like it was a scam from day one, minute one. The guy fought off two thugs while holding his cell phone and a tuna sandwich. Thugs were saying this is Trump country in the inner city of Chicago? On one of the coldest nights in twenty years? A one-year old child was shot in the head about this same time. Did Mayor Emanuel put two dozen detectives on that case? No.

5. The media have zero credibility today. Top to bottom the profession is populated by liberals educated by liberal professors and intimidated by liberal owners and bosses. CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin( probably a fake name) said “This is America in 2019”.  Sure is Brook. You and your fellow so-called journalists are selling Venezuela to us every day. Billions of dollars of support for your idealistic view of Socialism.

6. Now there is talk of justice. Let me think for one minute that there will be justice for Smollett, sorry no. Justice for a gay minority with celebrity status and three lawyers, sorry, not going to happen. A straight white smuck does this and there would be no media coverage, no investigation, no outcry, and a quick trip before a judge and a fine and jail time. Jussie could get up to 3 years and a felony charge. What did two dozen detectives’ time cost the bankrupt city of Chicago? The most corrupt city in America. Plenty. Jussie will get a slap on the wrist.

7. Why did Smollett do this? We may never know. Most likely to bolster his flagging career, like a Kardashian sex tape.

What does all of this add up to mean? incontrovertible proof that we have no unbiased media in this country.  Nearly 100% have a deep hatred of all things Trump engendered by a fervent love for all things liberal. That form of hatred extends to the normal liberal bastions in this country, Hollywood, academia, government employees (including the FBI), environmental freaks, and on and on. They try to transpose that acrid hatred to Trump and his supporters but it is getting harder and harder to do that. You tell enough people enough lies and sooner or later even the densest and most devoted stop listening. One can only hope.


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