Climate Change Scientists Were Correct

February/02/2019 8:59AM
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In the 1970’s climate scientists predicted there would be an ice age due to human activity. The polar icecap would extend to Chicago. By gosh they were right. It did last week.



Climate science went dark until Al Gore decided to parlay it into a personal fortune. Liberals seized on it as a method to create a tax boon.

gore freezing

This required some spin to the original climate science of the 70’s and the global freezing science. But, remember this correction was in the 70’s and it’s interesting to see most of what the global warmers were predicting hasn’t happened 40 years later.

One comment seems to ring true. The science of climate prediction is not precise.



But to buy into this completely logic must be abandoned. First, you must accept that you give as much money as you can to the government to pay for your CO2 sins. Let’s call that environmental tithing. Then you must accept that countries like China will not offset whatever small gains you get from your government taking your money in form of a carbon tax will make a difference. Then you have to pray that you don’t soak the poor so much for energy that they don yellow vests and burn down your cities. (France). I’m not sure about any of the climate science, but I am sure of this. The elitists who are selling this idea will not survive this.

$10 gasoline

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    This is a major hot button issue for me because it’s not science, it’s politics, and as a scientist I’m offended.

    Town in Texas already paying $1200/household/year more than they would have to because idiot mayor signed them up to long term solar/wind energy contracts to be 100% renewable, except sun doesn’t shine and night and sometimes the wind doesn’t blow, so they still buy fossil fuel energy in those times, and sell the massive amount of excess they purchase on guaranteed contracts back to the grid at other times, at a big loss due to fracking making natural gas derived energy so much cheaper. This in TEXAS!!!

    Last I read, the trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth re-distribution the environuts want the first world to pay would affect the “global temperature” (a quantity impossible to accurately define) by about 0.7 oC for the remainder of the century.

    You correctly point out that third world countries like China and India will not do any of this, so that their goods and services become ever more affordable as the “first world” prices theirs out of sight.

    Great plan!!!! NOT!!!

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