Bernie Sanders Says Bread Lines are Good

February/23/2019 11:11AM
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Bernie Sanders an avowed Socialist once touted bread lines.  Bernie could never hold a job until age 42 when he became a politician. As a Socialist he wants to take all the money and decide how to spend it best. Bernie’s wife bankrupted a college in Vermont by committing bank fraud. Here’s Bernie’s shining moment.

Bernie may be on the far left of the new Democrat Party, but the entire party is selling the same mixed message that European liberals have been selling for years. Aggressive environmentalism mixed with the party of the working person. Like Socialism it can’t work. The AOC Green Platform is the classic example. No cars and no cattle, no factories and no jobs, but a pristine environment. The Democrat Party platform in California is a microcosm of that. Roads go to hell, schools go to hell, utilities file bankruptcy, gas prices and power costs skyrocket, the middle class leaves due to taxes, businesses leave, and the working stiffs suffer. Until they don yellow vests and riot like France and the UK.

Then it’s Venezuela and their bread lines: Is this what you had in mind, Bernie?

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