The Congress of the United States will do Nothing in the Next Two Years

January/25/2019 10:55AM
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Since the Congress has sort of come back with the new Democratic majority in the House the three big issues have been. 1. Trump can’t have a wall 2. Trump can’t give a State of the Union Address on schedule and 3. Pelosi can’t take a military plane with 6 lawmakers and 88 various strap hangers-on a boondoggle.

The Government remains partially shut down. So partially I have seen zero difference in my life. This is a stalemate over $5 billion in a trillion-dollar budget. Government workers who average $110,000 a year are supposedly unable to buy food after losing a second paycheck.

President Trump makes a counter proposal with generous options for the Dreamers. The Democratic response is open the government and we’ll talk. Like the bad guy asking Dirty Harry to put the gun down and we’ll talk. Go ahead Nancy, “make my day.”

Statistics show that 90% of the government workers impacted by this partial shutdown are Democrats. So, the Democrats are hurting their own voters by holding out. Polls show that more and more Americans favor the wall as new incidents of violent crimes by illegals occur. And, limited exposure of large drug busts are shown.

What’s the solution. Much like the headline in this blog, petty bickering between Pelosi, Schumer, and Trump for the next two years. Now Romney, son of McCain, votes against the wall. For Trump it’s just do what he does best, negotiate. He’s no stranger to long strung out negotiations.

The drug cartel runs the country of Mexico. Their biggest customer for their products is the USA. They have imported their best sales organizations into this country over the porous border. Four people a day die of opiate overdoses in the state of Arizona alone. Where there are walls the cartel digs million dollar tunnels to get through. Where there aren’t they simply drive across. The pain and suffering these drug shipments can’t be measured in dollars.

The media in this country that spent 8 years covering up Obama’s mistakes now spends two years covering up Trumps successes and magnifying perceived mistakes. The media are drumming for the open border much like Chief Standing Bullshit did in the kids face that caused the media such embarrassment this week.

The wall issue will get resolved and most Americans not living in California or New York will be happy with the outcome.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Well, my first response is “how are we supposed to tell the difference” between government in shutdown mode and 800,000 workers not working and normal government operation?

    It kills me that everytime one of these things happen they have to make every pain to assure the furloughed workers that they will get paid for the weeks of doing nothing at home (guess it’s because same only they are in the office). I worked for a biotech company that furloughed a bunch of people for a 6 week period, only they DIDN’T get paid .. that’s the norm in private industry.

    So, back in the sixties, my dad was the sole bread winner and worked for the VA. Yes, we lived paycheck to paycheck, but we had other family we could have fallen back on for support if anything like this happened. Of course in those days the pay was mediocre, the benefits were reasonable, and the big draw to a government job was the security. Nowadays the pay is outrageous, the benefits are cadillac and oh yeah, you can’t practically ever lose your job.

    I’m hoping for Congress approval numbers 5%.

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