President Trump and Steve Jobs

January/04/2019 9:16AM
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Steve Jobs was a co-founder of Apple. His unorthodox management style led to his firing and being replaced by John Scully from Pepsi. Scully was a buttoned-down corporate executive who followed the text-book management style of the time. Here’s a version of the history of that Apple story:

President Trump has a unique management style. It all goes back to the question of style vs. substance. As Apple stock is sinking now under Tim Cook, one has to wonder if there’s a Steve Jobs out there to bail them out again. As the United States was sinking under the Obama leadership, Trump stepped in and offered a Steve Jobs type option. Trump, like Jobs, is a one-man band. He built his company with his unique style of management but significant substance. Obama built nothing but a style and that showed in the lack of substance and results reflected both.


When Jobs was absent from Apple and Scully and others were tanking the company Jobs was creating a Pixar success with Toy Story. When he returned to Apple the rest is history. Jobs was no fluke.  He made great products and sold them the right way. But, he never fit the mold of an US corporate CEO and that always bothered his board, his employees, and the business media.

President Trump is doing a great jobs making America great again, but his style bothers many. This nation needs to decide whether we want to be great again or look great again while seeing results like those above.

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