NY State Passes Baby Killer Law

January/29/2019 21:41PM
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Now you have it. Democrats in NY State pass a bill allowing doctors to kill full term babies. Signed into law by a Catholic Governor. The Pope made a statement about immigrants coming to the southern border and suggesting they should be greeted with open arms. He was silent on the baby killer law. How does any Catholic ever vote for any Democrat again? I have twin granddaughters who born prematurely at weighed 1 pound 9 ounces and 2 pounds 2 ounces. The doctors and nurses at Northwestern Memorial Hospital performed miracles and they are now college freshmen, one at University of Illinois and the other at Colorado University.  I am extremely alarmed by this unconscionable law done in the name of women’s rights. Murder is now excusable in NY state.

Kamala Harris has announced as a candidate for President as a Democrat. Simultaneous, she said she would support Medicare for all. And, has a plan for gun control. Let’s put that all together with the NY State baby killer plan. Push granny off the cliff while holding grandpa’s gun. Why have any more empathy for the elderly than the just born?

While on the subject of Democratic voter confusion, let’s address the Jewish vote. Obama trashed Israel for 8 years and still Jews vote for Democrats. Now they have Muslims in Congress with really radical ideas for Israel.

How about blacks. As Charles Barkley said, “Blacks have voted for Democrats for decades and they are still poor”. Trump has done more for Blacks in two years than any Democrat President since Johnson.

Soccer moms who don’t like Trump’s style. How do you reconcile this? Pelosi says a wall is immoral but letting drugs pour in and kill as many as 4 a day in Arizona alone with overdoses in 2018.

Then the poor. Democrats are the leading proponents for high energy costs. California has a carbon tax that will insure the poor pay the most for gasoline and electricity and heat than anywhere in the country. Trump has created blue-collar jobs that pay well. The oil industry has invented fracking that has gas prices low. Trump wants to open public lands to fracking but a liberal judge stopped that was well as the Keystone Pipeline.

Tell me who the Democrat Party appeal to at this time. Non-Catholic, non-Jewish militant environmentalists who want us to become Venezuela with no guns, socialized medicine, high taxes and high energy costs, no factory jobs, doctors killing babies and the elderly, high taxes, big government making all the decisions, and open borders with drugs and the poor pouring in.  Poor that will drive down hourly rates for blue-collar jobs.

After giving this due consideration I have concluded I agree with Hillary Clinton on this one issue. She was quoted saying, “Democrat votes are basically stupid. “

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Comments (5)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    This is the best blog ever. I was watching TV early this morning and here were 3 stories. New York and Virginia want to kill babies. A teacher is protesting because she wants to KEEP the Pledge of Allegiance in school. The school board backed down. Why, Why, Why would you want to not say the Pledge ? Everyone wants to help and pay billions for Illigals but not concerned about our vets and old people. How did we get here?????

  2. Paul Hegele says:

    Great blog Bill. Let’s hope these moronic Democrats keep showing the world how extreme they are. This will ensure their defeat in 2020.

  3. Dick Kachur says:

    Your blog is spot on. I think all of my leftist friends need to answer what is the left offering that has not failed elsewhere.

  4. Bill Robertson says:

    Virginia now joins NY State in this baby killing law. My question is this. These are being done in the name of women’s rights. Do most women want to kill 9 month old babies?

    None that I know.

  5. Al Withey says:

    Just like the American Thinker said the left is winning this WAR and the Damed Republicans are just standing by WATCHING. Started looking into Crooked Hillary’s emails 2weeks before we lost congress, where the hell were they the last 2years,

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