The Sky is Falling: Mattis Resigned, the Government is Closing, the Troops are Leaving Syria

December/20/2018 21:17PM
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The media is in a feeding frenzy. The swamp rats in the Republican Party are looking for air time. The Democrats are gloating. It’s all over for Trump he will probably resign like Chris Matthews said.

Back up just a minute. Trump always said this country will not be the world’s policeman. We won the war in Syria. ISIS is defeated. Should we leave 2,500 troops there to wait for something to happen? Will the Turks sweep in and wipe out the Kurds like little Marco said. Will the Kurds free the ISIS prisoners like Fake News says? He’s also bringing 7,500 troops  home from Afghanistan. We’ve been there for 17 years.

Is there one general on active duty or retired who would agree to bring troops home from anywhere? Hell no. That’s why Mattis had to go. He refused to agree to do what the Commander is going to do. Simple as that. The generals in the Pentagon are in revolt but the troops love Trump. They will give their lives for this country. But, sit on your ass n the desert and play poker no. They would prefer to be home. If ISIS rises up again Trump will send another 2,500 over to beat them again. This is the difference between a leader and a politician. Lindsay Graham is the politician. If anything breaks out anywhere in the world Lindsay finds a camera and insists it is our obligation to go there and make it right. He knows no will  remember it was his idea if  it is bad. Nor, does he really care if we do anything, he just wants the air time. Little Marco as well. Trump says I will listen to my generals  if we are going to war but not if it’s over and time to come home.

The government is not closing. Roughly 10% will close if nothing is resolved. The public might learn to like it. Trump believes the wall is best for this country and the Democrats just want to play politics.

The media will blast Trump for all of this. But, in every case he has done what he believes is best for you and I not the media. The media wants us to be Europe. How’s that going?




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