Partial Government Shutdown

December/23/2018 8:10AM
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Gee, it’s interesting to note the Federal employees themselves conduct a shut down much of the time. We pay the average Federal employee to work 12 months a year and they only work 11.

Do we pay them so little they are not motivated? Not the case.

Contrastingly, the Princeton study and all of the studies examined by the Government Accountability Office that take these factors into account found that federal employees enjoy a significant advantage in compensation. These studies have limitations and employ a “frequently misused” statistical technique called “multiple regression.” Thus, none are the end-all, but the combined weight of these diverse studies and surrounding facts leave little doubt that most federal employees are paid better than their private-sector counterparts.

Reprinted from Just Facts Daily.

So, those Federal employees the Democrats and media are so concerned about being out of work due to the partial shut-down are really hosing us most of the time. When you can’t be fired it’s hard to be fired up.

How rarely do you find any pubic employee who is enthusiastic about his/her job? Post office-we need 6 employees to deliver our mail each year. Five are on disability at all times. The DMV, come on, what a joke.

How about this idea? Let’s leave that 25% of the Federal Government that’s shut down, shut down for 6 months or so and see how much we miss them. If, or when , they ever go back to work maybe we can get a forty hour work week from them occasionally.

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Comments (3)

  1. Doug Gordon says:

    My father worked for the Veteran’s Administration his entire post Army career, ending as a medical administrative director. You hit the nail on the head about being unable to fire anyone. show up for work for 10 years and automatically get a promotion if you don’t get it sooner. Virtually no accountability because no disciplinary measures are available that private enterprise might use to improve performance.

    My father couldn’t take it at age 53, he had uncontrollable high blood pressure, because he cared too much and if he was on the job, the medication couldn’t control it, so he retired.

    As for the benefits, he drew out all the money he ever paid into the retirement program in the first 19 months of his retirement, so those figures about compensation, etc. ring true to me a well.

    I’m all for letting the government be furloughed, since they have NEVER not been paid for not working, it’s just a cash flow problematic vacation for all those who are told not to show up. If they didn’t get paid for not working, that would be a step forward … let them take their vacation or no pay for no work I say.

  2. Doug Gordon says:

    Forgot to add that was 33 years working for the VA for my dad, drew out all he paid in in first 19 months of retirement.

    Was in North Carolina once watching city “workers” pave some problem in the road near where I was waiting for my fellow employees on a company sponsored trip to UNC. There were three trucks, one had an asphalt pot attached to it, one truck with gravel mix, and a pickup truck. There were six “workers”; a supervisor and another sitting in the pickup truck, three guys standing around outside leaning on brooms/shovels watching the sixth guy actually doing any work on the pothole, so that number for delivering the mail sounds about right too.

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