Election Interference in the USA

November/11/2018 7:56AM
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election fraud

The Mueller probe is focused on Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. Millions have been spent hiring Washington DC “white shoe” lawyers who voted for Hillary and gave her millions in campaign donations to get this right. I have the answer and it was a Russian.

stalinIf one major political party consistently resists tightening controls at the polling place, does that cast any suspicion on the that party’s intent to follow the advice of a former Russian leader? When there is a suspicion of election fraud, like we now have in Florida, Atlanta, and Arizona, why is always that same party under suspicion? I can’t remember an instance where the Republican Party has been accused of election fraud.

This country is on the brink of becoming a one-party nation. The Democrats own California, New York state, Illinois, and most of the NE and NW states. It is highly unlikely these states will ever be red.

Do you believe for one minute the party that gave us the Kavenaugh hearings is not sitting in a room and considering every option for making that happen. They own the press, the educational system, the entertainment business, unions, the ACLU, and most of what it takes to make that happen. The press can protect them from having their minions prosecuted for the fraud. You notice there is very little news about this issue.

We have a two- year window of opportunity to keep this from happening. Want to know why firing Sessions was so important? Whoever replaces him must get this fixed within that window. I have reservations about Matt Whittaker. As Sessions’ chief of staff, who set the agenda for Sessions? If Sessions did nothing in two years, who set the do- nothing agenda? I have confidence in Trump and his staff to pick the right guy. Add to this the changing of the guard in all Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court, and when the challenges come to take the steps to prosecute those who commit fraud and change the requirement to vote, the courts will support both.

So forget the Russians and our elections, it’s the Democrat Party that is immune from any form of exposure and penalty by protection of the press when they fix our elections and tilt the outcome to their benefit. In their pursuit of total dominance in the leadership of this country. You think is a paranoid rant, just recall what they did to the Kavanaugh family to try to keep him off the Supreme Court.   The Democratic Socialist Party of America.

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  1. Doug Gordon says:

    Democrats, the party that wants to count all the votes, especially the ones from non-citizens that are ILLEGAL, the dead, and those that vote in multiple states because their voice “ought” to count everywhere they live.

    There’s a story making the rounds amongst Republicans here in Massachusetts that busloads of people went from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote again there, but that could just be an unconfirmed conspiracy theory.

    When I voted at my local precinct location, they ask me what street I live on, then they ask me the street number, then they ask me my name, then they hand me a ballot. I mark the ballot, and go to the exit where the questions are repeated, and I place my ballot in a machine and it gets scanned. Supposed to be a member of each party at both tables asking for location/name, but at the exit there was only one person (I’m guessing it was NOT a Republican).

    So anyone that knows a street name/number of someone who isn’t going to vote can identify that to the poll workers. The list is so open that you can read the names once they “zero in” on the house number.

    But I’m sure there is NO voter fraud potential in such a process (nod nod wink wink).

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