Election Day

November/05/2018 7:09AM
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Will the Democrats win the mid-term election and have a majority in both the House and Senate, just the House , or neither?

There’s a lot at stake in this election. If the Democrats take the House and Senate, they will stop the progress President Trump has made and likely reverse what created that progress. Here is the latest poll results.




Well, I guess it’s over. The biased media in this country has offset the progress with billions in free support for the Democrat Party and open borders, higher taxes, fewer jobs, bigger government, North Korea testing nukes again, and millions more on food stamps. The end of this.


But, polls can be wrong. Especially if the pollsters use the incorrect input for their sample.  They poll based on a percentage of likely voters: X% Democrat, Y% Republican, and Z% Independent. If those percentages are wrong, they the results are incorrect.

Let me take you back to 2016 and this NY Times article published right before the election that shows Hillary has an 85% chance of winning the presidency and the data to support that landslide.


So, here we sit in 2018. Pollsters say the Democrat Party will retake the House which is a historical result in a mid-term election when a sitting President is below 50% in an approval rating. But, that 48% rating is just another poll run by the same people who predicted the Hillary landslide.

You can’t even get solid numbers on early voting. Most data show Republicans ahead in key states but some deny that.

Late tomorrow the answer will be known and we will be free of those incessant political ads that replace normal TV ads such as they are. I spend two weeks in Arizona and the politicians have purchased 80% of the TV advertising space. The ads are for people who have no capacity to think rationally. An insult to the majority of Americans. They replicate the normal media news that focus Americans on issues that don’t affect their lives and hide the results that do hoping they can sell their Socialist agenda to the unwashed masses.

I still believe the people of this country get it. They know we are headed in a better direction than the Obama route. They see the Democrat Party has no leadership and the agenda is jut defy Trump. I see the Kavanaugh hearings, the hordes coming to the US border from the South, and the improvement in personal economic situations for voters carrying the day and the Republican turnout will carry the day and Congress will remain a Republican majority in both the House and Senate.

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  1. Al Withey says:

    Bill I was hoping for the same results and the B——ds are still trying steal our 2Senate seats

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