Another Time When Socialism Was Knocking on Our Door

November/16/2018 19:01PM
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It was 54 years ago and the Viet Nam war was heating up. Reagan was campaigning to get the Republican nomination for President. This was a campaign speech. Ironic that he was campaigning against the creeping Socialism that was being sold to the voters then. Take a few minutes and listen.




I wrote a blog about this seven years ago. It’s still relevant. We got President Trump, that President to replace Reagan finally. He has a different speaking style than Reagan, but his plans to put our country on the right track are not unlike those of Reagan. The media didn’t like Reagan, called him an actor, like Trump is a reality TV star, but he prevailed. Trump is prevailing despite the efforts of those who want to see us be a Socialist nation.

Where is the Next Ronald Reagan?

July/05/2011 16:50PM

I’m guessing you, too, will find correlations with today and contrasts in style with candidates today. Many of the issues in the speech still exist in this campaign. Reagan is not a robot speaking from a teleprompter. He shows true emotion and conviction. If not his own words, they are his true beliefs. It is not an attack speech. It evokes emotions in the audience. It is an issues speech that shows differences between party positions.

He warns about programs like social security and medicare and the problems they portend for the future. He demeans government housing. Most of those have now been torn down since they didn’t work. He talks of the dangers of welfare which came to pass. He tells us that government can’t do it better and it hasn’t.  He speaks of the need to take on the Cold War and win and he did.

This is true leadership. You listen and get inspired. It’s not the sniveling egotist reading from the teleprompter demonizing all those who disagree and not engaging in or taking responsibility for any personal involvement in any issue. Just contrast this to the Obama speech on the deficit. Or, any Republican candidate’s speech on why we should vote for him or her.

If you still believe Obama is a great orator compare his greatest speech to this and see if you still believe. If you believe Obama has an ounce of leadership in him, make the same comparison. And, you can do the same with the shabby slate of pretenders to Obama’s job.

The Republican Party had better all sit down and watch this and begin auditioning candidates for the job. They haven’t found one yet. Sure, they may have one that could beat Obama, but that might be like beating the Chicago Cubs. They will just have another George W. Bush for four or eight years, but no Ronald Reagan, and more importantly, the country won’t be much better off.

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