Why Call a Mob a Caravan? Maybe it’s a Godsend

October/22/2018 9:53AM
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When an unknown number of citizens of various countries march with intent to commit an illegal act.  Why a Godsend? Much like Elizabeth Warren showing the world her DNA report.

Does this help the Democrat Party just before the election?

The more the media shows this and voters see the composition of the mob the more voters prefer they not come to a neighborhood near them.

They have a march of about 800 miles to reach the US border. At 15 miles a day how will they arrive there just before the election? Will the Mexican government allow them to pass through the country and arrive at the border?

Been to the emergency room at your hospital lately? Looks a lot like this mob, doesn’t it?

Been to the Social Security Office lately? It looks a lot like this mob too. Young people there for disability.

Seen the homeless in California? I have in Pasadena. It’s growing and causing twenty cases of Typhus.  Naturally, none of these in the mob have been vaccinated for anything.

The countries they flee are Socialist countries run by corrupt politicians. This country is a capitalist country run by somewhat corrupt politicians. The left wants to make us a Socialist country for reasons known only to the media, the universities, Hollywood, the uber rich, the millennials, and the deadbeats who will never work.

If they win this election you will see your grandkids fleeing to Canada if that country regains its footing and gets rid of Tradeau.

I believe this will backfire on the Democrat Party in 15 days. The majority of Americans do not believe we should take on the poverty and other issues that come from the south.

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