Republicans Will Retain the House and Senate for Two Reasons

October/11/2018 21:30PM
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Reason number one:

feinsteinFord at 15

The Democrat Party with Senator Feinstein orchestrating the debacle overplayed their hand on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. The party is being painted as a mob and too many Americans see it that way. The polls are shifting rapidly and the turnout for Republicans will be record numbers for an off -year election.

Reason number two is the economy.

IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID! – “formulaic reminder of central issue or goal. James Carville, Bill Clinton’s political strategist in the 1992 election, placed a sign over his desk in the Little Rock headquarters: ‘It’s the economy, Stupid!’ For a campaigner fixed on a need for a central theme, the sign encapsulated a pointed response to the question ‘What is the campaign about?’.”

The media is downplaying the importance in this election but it’s good to remember the media is trying to influence the outcome of the election, not report the facts.

The polls were wrong in 2016 and the same pollsters are using the same data bases to predict the same erroneous outcome.

The Democrat Party has no agenda, no platform, and must rely on the damage the media is trying to do to Trump and the Republican Party. Sorry, we don’t trust the media for good reason.

All of this results in the Socialist Party of America, formerly known as the Democrat Party, taking it on the chin again. Will they learn anything, probably not.

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  1. Andykaufmancharactertony says:

    You can”t pardon someone who has been impeached. Nixon was charged by the House but the Senate didn”t convict. That”s why Ford could pardon him. He can pardon any of his co-conspirators though, unless they”re removed by impeachment.

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