Nike Just Did It

September/04/2018 8:24AM
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Nike just signed a new name to represent their Just Do It campaign. img_2211None other than Colin Kaepernick. The man who is destroying the NFL. Nike #1 nike #2   I can’t possibly see where this works well for Nike. Nike may have just become the corporation that made the biggest marketing mistake since New Coke, Arch Deluxe, and the Edsel.

The founder of the movement that is eroding interest in the NFL is now the spokesman for Nike. The NFL can’t be happy that Nike is doing this. Preseason TV viewership is down again for them.

People across the country are burning their Nike shoes. They lose a vast majority of the 63 million of us who voted for Trump. Golfers who buy their products and didn’t vote for Trump may be wondering why they should be Kaepernick supporters. Cops can’t be happy since the kneeling movement is directed at them.

I understand marketing. I am a retired marketing VP from a $40 billion corporation. Nike has had trouble from the likes of Hollywood for having their products made in sweat shops abroad.

nike #3 nike #4

The final end is yet to be written. I am a shoe freak when it comes to my work outs. I have two closets full of Nike shoes at my two houses. And, two lockers with Nike golf shoes. I won’t burn my shoes, I would give them to homeless vets first, but to do that now would be the worst kind of insult. They should be the focus of Nike sacrifice ads. But, if I were to burn a pair I would do that while eating an In-N-Out Burger, since Democrats have called for a boycott on those.

Meanwhile, I might short Nike stock.

nike stock

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