70% of Americans believe the Media Produces Lies Knowingly to Promote Liberal Bias

August/20/2018 19:09PM
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This is an extension of the last entry where the Boston Globe sent out emails to 350 news outlets requesting an editorial response from them. They got back some 300 responses and 100% were an attack on Trump.

Several polls have been conducted to determine the public’s perspective on this. The responses have been similar. Upward of 70% plus of those polled believe the media are purposely producing lies to sell their agenda of liberal politics to this country.

That begs the question posed by the Boston Globe again. Is it wrong for Trump to attack the media with his fake news claim? They purport that to be dangerous to the country. But, if the majority believe it is fake news, what are they really requesting? That we accept their fake news as fact?

Is it more dangerous to the country to have media spreading lies because the majority of them believe this should be a Socialist nation?

This issue may be partially resolved in the November elections. I believe the Democrat Party, with no agenda, no leaders, and a fervent belief that their unpaid PR firm, the mainstream media, will carry them to the blue wave. As a retired marketing executive we crunched numbers to make decisions. If consumer research showed that 70% of the consumers believed our advertising was not truthful and they had lost faith in our messages, I would see a big need to change and do it quickly.

Both the Democrat Party and the media rely heavily on the Russian collusion with Trump to steal the election from Hillary. Night after night for almost two years we get bombarded with that scenario.

This is from Ted Rall at Rasmussen, where I go to for poll data. ”  At this writing, the Democrats’ Russia arguments boil down to:

–Media outlet quotes anonymous congressional official or anonymous intelligence agency employee.

–Said anonymous source says the intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia meddled in the election.

–Details of how Russia accomplished said meddling are absent.

–Details of how effective said meddling was are absent.

If evidence of said meddling actually exists, Democrats should follow the JFK example and cough it up. In detail. And explain what it means — also in detail.

Until then, Russia as a political issue will continue to be a dead letter.

Kisses, Ted”

So, the millions in free advertising the Democrat Party gets from the media is useless on two counts. First, most Americans don’t believe the media anymore. Second, the message is of no interest.

Based on this, I see a red wave in November. Americans have traditionally voted with their wallets. The media are tamping that success down as best the can, but voters know their own wallets without help from the media

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