Trump’s Meeting with Putin

July/16/2018 15:40PM
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Rest assured every Democrat, most Republicans, and 98%  of media, none of them in attendance at the meeting, will be critical of the meeting. I was not there so I will restrain from giving you inside information unlike the above.

But, I have been a keen observer of our President and how he conducts his business. Business is the key word. As a retired business executive I can say unequivocally that in the business world we do everything possible to have a meeting when things are off kilter. Politicians seem to avoid that. They fear the media will skewer them just like they are doing to Trump for this meeting. I do find it strange that Mueller issued his worthless indictments for 12 Russians just before the meeting.

I recall the very first meeting Hillary Clinton held as Secretary of State. She flew off to Canada to tell our northern neighbors that we are so worried about right now to quit the tar sand business. At the time it was our second biggest source of oil and more secure than the other sources. See we thought the process was too unkind to the environment and wanted it stopped. No problem if it caused $7 gasoline here. Canadians told her to stuff it.

I believe, based on past Trump experience, he came away from this meeting with some positives. I’m speculating, but I believe one of the things he gleaned from the meeting is the truth on the uranium sale. Putin is a man who only respects strength and he got strength with Trump. I’m sure Trump reminded him that we have appropriated billions to strengthen our military and we now have a new member to our armed forces family, the Space Force.  Trump knows Russian is in a tough economic situation. Putin can’t stay in power if the economy gets much worse, much like Kim Jong Un. We have put a lot of hurts on Russia since Trump came into office. Putin knows we have and he certainly would prefer that stop.

Like everything else Trump has done, there is a time lag between his action and the ensuing results. Be patient my friends. Let the McCain’s , the Paul Ryan’s , the Schumer’s and the media take their shots.  The longer the dead crow sits on the plate the worse it tastes.

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  1. Al Withey says:

    Bill the media came back with President Trump being an undercover Russian spy since 1987,they donot have a CLUE!!

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