Liberal Logic: Let’s Add to a Problem we Can’t Fix-Homeless Youth

July/03/2018 6:26AM
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We have no answer to the homeless youth problem in this country. Yet, thousands protest against the 2,000 young people at the border supposedly separated from parents. “Keep Families Together” is the theme. There seem to be no statistics regarding how many of the 2,000 walked across on their own and how many were brought across by non-family coyotes.

Nor, do protestors take into consideration the 2 million youth in this country separated from a single family parent who went to prison.

These protests bring us to some big conclusions that are significant. This is a media driven protest, so the media is still trying to dictate the agenda in this country. This started when they brought down a president-Nixon, and moved to their getting a community organizer-Obama-elected president. It faltered with the election of Trump. They are not deterred. Hence, the daily attacks on Trump and the unwillingness to showcase his many successes.

Further, the Democrats are now forever linked to open borders. And, moving further left is beginning to attach the party directly to Socialism. The media have been there for a long time and  will continue to push in this direction.

The city of Seattle tried to act to deal with the growing homeless problem in the city. The city council passed a head tax. Every employer would pay $250 per employee toward a plan to reduce the homeless problem. Amazon and Microsoft stopped it in its tracks and the council reversed the act. Those two corporations support all things liberal unless it’s their ox being gored.

See, here’s the bottom line, and don’t forget this. Liberals excel at creating problems, like homeless people, but fail miserably when it gets out of hand.

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