Democrats Demand the Translator for Trump/Putin Talks Appear Before Congress

July/25/2018 15:35PM
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Several Democrat politicians have gone to the media and demanded the translator for the Trump meeting with Putin come before a Congressional committee hearing.

Interesting idea. I would like to hear some other translators do the same.

How about the one who was there for the Obama meeting with the Iranian leaders when they discussed Obama shipping cash to Iran plus $150,000,000,000? That must have been a whale of a negotiation. Do the American people need to know what went down there? Obama must have left without his knickers.

Or, maybe the meeting or meetings where it was determined that Russia needed our uranium more than we and they were so inspired by the magnitude of our generosity that they felt the need to donate millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Then the one where the Obama was not provided a staircase to leave Air Force One in Hangzhou before the start of the G20. He was forced to disembark from the plane on a little-used exit in the plane’s belly after no rolling staircase was provided . There were hearted altercations between US and Chinese officials, with one Chinese official caught on a video shouting “This is our country! This is our airport.”

Or, Obama’s meeting with Castro when he forgave him for all his human rights issues.

Obama’s meeting with Kim Jong Un–oh, that’s right, it never happened.

How about Hugo Chavez or his successor, Nicolas Maduro? went like this: where Obama said: ‘ our interest is not in threatening Venezuela, but in supporting democracy, stability and prosperity in Venezuela and the region” Typical soaring Obama rhetoric that meant nothing and the outcome proves that.

So, we had a community organizer who was always out of his element in the company of other world leaders when stripped of his TelePrompTer. Guess Congress figured they didn’t need a translator come before them and educate them on meetings and give them more meaningful work than to listen to Lois Lerner say: “I have decided to follow my counsel’s advice and not testify or answer any of the questions today.” Came back again and did the same.

Now we have an experienced businessman who seemingly has convinced North Korea to give up their nuclear ambitions and some hack n Congress wants to know what Trump said to Putin.

Personally, I feel pretty good about that meeting and believe we might see some positive outcomes. I am in the 18% who don’t feel good about the Senate and the House and believe most are bought and paid for and can’t wait until Trump or a Conventions of States gets term limits. Be gone all of you.

obama kisses chavez

hillary caponeimg_2153a teaching momentthank you all

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