Kids at the Border

June/21/2018 8:35AM
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What a week for the media and their lackeys, the Democrats in Congress. Lied, cried, and sighed for days. Elijah Cummings, like Chuck Schumer, can cry on demand. The media loved Elijah this week. Elijah, you see, has his primary next Tuesday. Just a coincidence.

The entire news week was devoted to 2,000 kids who were purportedly separated from their parents. Some obscure news reports indicated that some came across without parents, some with unknown persons (not parents and not relatives), and some truly with a parent or parents. From there the media did some of their best work. Tugging at the heartstrings of every American, they conjured up horrors. Kids in cages from the Obama years, kids being pulled from an adult(probably staged), toddlers in diapers crying, etc. In all cases the problem was laid at the feet of Trump.

Try this: the Congress, which makes the laws(including the one about separating kids from parents), attacks the Executive Branch, which enforces the laws Congress makes, for enforcing their laws. Got that Elijah? So, here’s their story. We don’t want you to enforce that law. In fact, Elijah and the Democrats are now upset that the executive order Trump signed in just as bad. Why? It doesn’t separate the family, it holds the family until a decision is made whether they go or stay.

It was never about the kids, it was about an open border. It was about a way to attack Trump on the heels of his success in North Korea, the day the remains of 200 US soldiers were returned to the States, and a second week of the Inspector General testifying about the egregious acts of a corrupt FBI. It seemed to work.

But, was it Trump setting another trap for the Democrats? The Nation’s eyes are totally focused on the border issue. Few Americans want kids separated from parents but a huge majority want the border problem fixed. Trump took the heat for the kids but fixed that problem. Now the votes begin in the House to fix the bigger problem. The Democrats don’t want anything fixed at the border but cannot admit to that. Some bill will come out of the House to fix the border in some way. (it can’t be fixed totally by any means). That bill will go to the Senate and the Democrats are on record saying they will shut down the government rather than pass it. If they do that it may well assure the Republicans will trounce them in the November election. This is Trump at his best. See the rat, set the trap, watch the rat walk in, spring the trap. Snap, Charles Schumer, you took the bait. Magnified the problems on the border but then refused to accept a solution.

In the meantime Trump will cut off all aid to all Central American countries and Mexico. Trump will tell Mexico he is putting the big hurt on them in NAFTA if they don’t do their part at the border.  Remember, all those who remember the kids will feel a lot less sympathetic toward the country that is sending them across our border. Mexico is not a good neighbor. They protect their border but not ours. The media, in their best efforts to trash Trump over this brought out the crazies in their party and demonstrated the media is not only biased but over the top as advocates for the far left liberal cause. Much like the FBI. One nut threatened the President and another with defective genes, Peter Fonda, made remarks about Baron, the son of the President. What will Disney do about their deal with him? Remember Roseanne Barr?

It’s a big chess game for Trump and he’s playing against some who are playing checkers.


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