Bill Clinton’s “Me Too” Book Tour

June/04/2018 22:34PM
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June 04, 2018 at 05:27 PM EDT

Publication day for debut author Bill Clinton hasn’t exactly been a celebratory occasion.

The former U.S. President, who co-authored the thriller The President Is Missing with best-selling writer James Patterson, began work on the media circuit Monday morning but repeatedly found conversation around the book put to the side, as questions of his past moved to the fore.

With Patterson awkwardly by his side, Clinton was grilled, particularly, by NBC News on Today, about his affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was in office. Lewinsky has emerged in recent months as an anti-bullying advocate, writing essays for Vanity Fair which have placed her former relationship with Clinton in the context of the #MeToo movement, and whether his behavior constituted misconduct. “Now, at 44, I’m beginning (just beginning) to consider the implications of power differentials that were so vast between a president and a White House intern,” she wrote. “I’m beginning to entertain the notion that in such a circumstance the idea of consent might well be rendered moot.”

Bad timing Bubba. The country turned on you when you were impeached and you waited patiently for the country to forgive and forget. The country did. But, it’s a different country now and the me too movement is beginning to focus on men like you. Ask Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, buddies of yours. you tout a book that neither you nor Patterson wrote for a few dollars and Patterson looks like he would rather be somewhere else than next to you.

Exit stage left, Bubba, and go quietly into that good night. You are now a nasty reminder of a man in power who ruined a young lady’s life forever. Not to mention the women who have accused you of rape. Too much visibility Bubba and you will find yourself in court with 32 accusers like your aforementioned friends.


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