Trump at 50% Approval Rating

May/03/2018 10:16AM
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Latest Rasmussen approval rating  numbers put President Trump at 50%. Larry Sabato, who called for a Hillary landslide and still gets paid for polling, says add 10 points to any Trump poll numbers.

Still, Sabato, the media, the pundits like Rove(always wrong Rove), and Nancy (I’ll never quit) Pelosi say the Democrats will win the mid-terms and retake the house and senate.

This is all based on what? Stormy Daniels? I didn’t vote for Billy Graham for president, I voted for a hard- nosed businessman who has always had a thing for the ladies. Russian involvement in the election? I would have to be as stupid as the media, the Democrats, and Republicans like McCain and Lindsay Graham, to care. If the Russians did help Trump win, God Bless the Russians. Bob Mueller? This guy is just trying to recover all the money he and his white-shoe lawyer friends donated to Hillary’s campaign by billing the taxpayers forever at $750 an hour.

Get real folks. The poll rating reflects the job Trump has done. He will drag the candidates across the finish line in November unless we all get complacent and don’t get out to vote.

A gentleman, who is a lobbyist  of sorts, tells me this week that my Congressman, Peter Roskam is in trouble. Says the party leaders in the district are not supporting him because the doesn’t play ball with them. Here are the facts, Peter has $2.4 million in campaign funds and the Democrat has $192,000.

This is the presidential election all over again. All the so-called experts have it all wrong. The good news is they will drive the Republicans to get out and vote and convince the Democrats it’s in the bag so stay home. It helps to have Nancy Pelosi sounding off all the time. Her approval rating is in the low 30’s and she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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